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Who is MidWest Coast?

One Woman, One Man, One dream

MidWest Coast is a music duo made up of Emily Frances and Dan B. Evans. Two people who, first found Nashville, then found each other.

Emily left Kenosha, WI in search of getting back to her musical roots and found her home in Nashville and country music. Dan, while growing up in Bellingham, WA and  studying music in Vancouver, BC (yes, he is half Canadian) traveled down to Nashville in search of combining his life long love of blues music with his new found passion for country.

Through mutual acquaintances they started writing together and not long after, formed MidWest Coast.  Why call the band MidWest Coast? The duo chose the name based on their home towns.  

First they played songs together, now they make music in and out of the studio.   Singer and songwriter, guitarist and engineer, now husband and wife.


Dan "Budzo" B. Evans

guitarist, engineer, songwriter

-Lover of cop shows and gummy bears-

Star Sign . Taurus

Ford or Chevy . Ford

Acoustic Or Electric Guitar: Both, Classical too!

Influences: Stevie Ray Vaughan , John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix

Favorite Midwest Coast Tune: "Dear Abby"

Side Hustle:  Model and Actor

Miss Emily

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

"My guitar player thinks I'm sexy, I strum his tele when he lets me"

Star Sign: Libra

Acoustic or Electric: Acoustic Lover, occasional electric player

Favorite MidWest Coast Song: " Carolina Time"

Band Role: Being a pretty face to go with pretty guitar licks

Songwriter, Singer, Acoustic Guitarist

Influences: Waylon Jennings, Miranda Lambert, The Eagles

Side Hustle: Critical Care Nurse

Music cuts through all boundaries and goes right to the soul.” - Willie Nelson

— The Tao Of Willie

What about the REST of the band?!

It Takes a village -meet our tribe!

Who is in the band? Who plays on our tracks? Who writes ? 

Chase Barrett,  luthier, guitarist and occasional bad ass is featured on tracks, "Carolina Time", "Born a Country Song", "Dear Abby" and more!

Chase has been on tour at various times through the band Carolina Rain and various Texas artists.

Chase recently released Pluck Dynasty - his very own composition of funky plucking .