Making Home "Home Sweet Home"

Make Home Your Own

 Making home Home can be a huge challenge! 

It takes time to find your niche and flow.  I've been a traveling nurse and musician for almost a decade.  I've had a habit of having multiple addresses over a 12 month period, often having to keep things in storage and not having access to MY stuff!  The hardest part about moving so frequently is not knowing how to set up the next place to go.

I've become a specialist at making the most of our space, my homes have varied from tiny homes to extended stay hotels to 300 square feet apartments or garages made into houses.  In spring of 2020, I purchased my first home!

I've traveled around going to my friends homes in various states setting up their homes.

Today I invite you into mine and am excited to share my tips, tricks and hacks that I've found to make home my own on a budget and very much MY own. 

As this blog and website come together (eventually with an Etsy store) you can see what you can do with very little! 
So Lets get decorating!

First Steps!

Find your BUDGET!
Find your GROOVE!
Find your PIECES!

Looks warm and cozy, feels warm and cozy!

Maybe you don't need NEW stuff you just need to rearrange the stuff you already have!

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