Momma went to Nashville to be a country star
Daddy was a trucker Momma met at the bar
That's the night they made me
in a dirty old bathroom stall

Pappy lived a good life it's hard to believe he's gone
I can still see him workin on that old beat up ford
Had he not made it home from the war
Momma and we wouldn't be here at all

Momma called up pappy to rescue her again
She needed him to help her raise two kids
Raised those babies and time went on
shouldn't she have known I wouldn't stick around

Well I got married and I got divorced
kept the carriage sold the horse
Now I'm in the city where momma always warned
a life under the neon lights is going to leave you scorned

Hey there momma, look at me now!
I made it down to Nashville to sing for a crowd
I was born a country song, product of an all night long

Momma went to Nashville to be a country star