The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers. ”

— Roy Ayers


The Carolina Sessions

The latest release from MidWest Coast

The Duo's first EP with 4 tracks, 3 original songs and one cover of a classic!

NSAI Review!

nashville songwriters thoughts

We are proud to have feedback from the people who advocate and do the most for songwriters here in Music City.

MidWest Coast, Emily and Dan, has been described as a having a sweet, soulful sound .  

This couple writes, composes, arranges, and records all of their own music in their studio in Ashland City , Tennessee.

Emily is a skilled and playful vocalist while Dan comes with a Vancouver Muic Education, Classical guitarist turned lightning handed blues player.  The two putting the creative energies together has allowed their unique sound to come alive.

Who We Are

Vagabond Dreamers Rhymers and makers of songs

We are MidWest Coast.  We are part of what makes this magical city so unique.  

Recent Release


MidWest Coast Band Songwriting Session

Writing and Reflecting the new EP

MidWest Coast Music,A Nashville Americana Duo

Nashville Rising Song Performance

Finding Inspiration in the mountains

Finding Inspiration in the mountains

Podcast Interview

A 90 second overview of bringing a song to life!