Spirit Stories

Explore more of MidWest Coast from song to soul.  Deep dive into the minds of the songwriters.  Get a laugh, get inspired, get into a new groove. Musical mishaps, the stories behind the songs and thoughts of the whimsical duo that the pair just has to share!

Pieces here have been written by the lead singer herself, Emily Evans.  

Music, Theory & Folk Tales

Making Home "Home Sweet Home"

Make Home Your Own

 Making home Home can be a huge challenge! 

It takes time to find your niche and flow.  I've been a traveling nurse and musician for almost a decade.  I've had a habit of having multiple addresses

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About The Author, Emily Evans


About The Author

Introducing Emily Evans

I like that headline, "About The Author"!  I proudly claim that title today.  I'd like to introduce myself, Hi, I'm Emily.  I have held many titles in my thirty some years.  I've been a…

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Ladies of the Lake, A Great Lake Reflection

    Mothers and daughters are complex. I admit many times in my life, I envied those girls who called their Mom their best friend. Our relationship could have compared to the mood, of the Great Lake Michigan -when she was calm

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Carolina Time, A Lyrical And Musical Adventure

Carolina Time Moves a Little Slower!

Let's stay here just a little while longer!

Lyrics and story behind "Carolina Time" written by Emily Frances and Dan Evans of MidWest Coast


It was our second trip to North Carolina, sitting on the back porch after a day of exploring the Nantahala Outdoors Center, local breweries, Mountain Layers captured our hearts (and taste buds), we strummed and hummed out came "Carolina Time".

The lyrics tell the story to a 'T'.  We found it, we fell in love, we made new friends, we didn't want to leave, we left, we realized it was a state of mind that made us so happy.

You often hear about songs that were written in 20 minutes, this was not quite that situation.  Carolina Time was born in the mountains.  The idea of Carolina Time is that you can put the song on and drift away to the mountains!  We want everyone to experience Carolina Time because it really IS a state of mind. (It's a great focus for meditation happy place to go to!) We won't ever turn down a Carolina Adventure! 

Read the lyrics here and link to listen below!

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Walking In Memphis! MidWest Coast Visits The Home of The Blues

"Oh, Mama, can this really be the end  To be stuck inside With the Memphis blues again"- Bob Dylan


Memphis!!! Home of the Blues !  The city of Memphis in Tennessee is a must visit for any music enthusiast!

What can you do in Memphis for 48 hours? Walk with us and see!

We booked a last minute show in Memphis!  Our last minute show got cancelled upon our arrival and then we got the blues.  We were given a last minute adventure and chance to explore the rich culture and history! And barbeque! Yes please!!!


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Album Art

As much fun it is to make your own album art, I have just as much fun making yours! By listening and getting a feel for the sound or a description of a vision I enjoy developing the image that…

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A Picture Worth 1,000 Words

One of the most fun projects I’ve done recently was for a local brewery. With an upcoming event space opening , one of the managers was looking for a special gift for the owners. With a concert style poster in…

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MidWest Coast Gets Married!

Once upon a time, one young man from the West Coast and a young lady from the midwest, found each other at a songwriters showcase one July night.  He was on stage, she was in the crowd.  They locked eyes,

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Seasonal Music Slump? Find A New Groove

Fa-la-la-la - blah blah blah!

Same old same old boring holiday songs playing on a loop across malls and shady gas stations across America! Ugh!


'Tis the season to hear Christmas music playing EVERYWHERE you go!  These seasonal songs that…

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Who's Born A Country Song ?

Emily felt like a walking, talking, living breathing country song...

You've heard about that one girl, born in a small town, grew up with a single mom, went to the catholic school, always playing with the hair brush pretending it…

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Duck Town, Turtle Town, and a Road That's Shut Down

"Ya'll headed to Duck Town or Turtle Town? 'Cause the road up ahead done been shut down". 

                              - Kind Red Headed Red Bearded NC Department of Transportation Worker, we'll call him Roscoe

That was the first conversation we had with…

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The Debut Performance

Dan and Emily had met in Nashville over six years ago at a songwriters night, and continued to keep running into each other in Nashville for quite some time.  The two started writing together and worked on one of Emily's…

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Record of Recordings

Be a recording artist they said! It's going to be great they said!  Wait a minute, how much is it to record in a music row studio? Um... see sir, we are just getting started, so in order to pay…

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Carolina Time

Once upon a time, Dan and Emily decided they wanted to escape to a small town and seek adventure out in the mountains.  Now Tennessee has plenty small towns, rolling hills and greens all around, Pigeon Forge is quite popular…

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