Making Mix CD's er ... uh MP3 Mix...Oh Hey! What's on Your Playlist?

I remember having a dual cassette tape recorder and a few blank cassette tapes to record my favorite songs when they came on the radio.  Next thing I know, the 90's are over and there are websites ( as well as computers and CD burners ), Napster and Limewire are on the desktop full of viruses and illegal but free music downloads. Then came the mix CD! I still have some floating around my car.  Dan remembers having his first iPod in highschool.  The iPod came out in 2001 and as of May 2019 there was only one remaining iPod left in production.  

Where do we go now?  And yes, of course "Sweet Child of Mine" starts ringing in my head when I see that - BUT, what happens next that mix tapes are a thing of the past? Applications on the smart phones or the computers that we use to listen to our favorites , many of us use playlists.

We are big fans of Amazon Music, and as Amazon-aholics, we accept that we may use the Amazon Music app in excess.  You know whats cool about Amazon Music? You can share your playlist with your friends who DON'T have Amazon!

Emily has a Sleep Playlist, with Native American Flutes and Thunderstorms.

Dan has a Workout playlist with songs from Avenged Sevenfold to chill acoustic blues.

We want to know whats' on YOUR playlist!

You can see one of Emily's Road Trip Playlist to the right, click and listen too!

As a result of social distancing and not being allowed to gather for large concerts, we are expanding our listening libraries during this crazy pandemic!  We can all be together apart if we are listening to the same playlists across the states / walls / borders if you will.  We aren't just modern day musicians, we are modern day fans. 

I love to turn on the radio and just let er' rip, but since we are past the days of making mix CD's and mix tapes, playlists are the way to go, especially when planning an adventure that you'll need a sound track for.

Today we praise the playlist!  


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