Dancing Sticks or Danger? The Kentucky Copper Head Diaries

One day in July of 2020, Dan and Emily decided to take a trip to a little town deep into the heart of Corbin Kentucky.  Why Corbin? Why don't you know that Corbin is the home of the one and only Harlan Sanders, owner of the Sanders Cafe - that's right folks, the original KFC.   It just so happened that one of the best trails in the country is in Corbin Kentucky! The Cumberland Falls State Park Resort. 


We find a run down resort, one road in , one road out, time for adventure!  Oh just about everything is closed in Kentucky.  When on vacation it isn't favorable to land yourself in a dry county on a Sunday either.  

First stop! Trail Number 7! This is the trail that takes you right to the big waterfall.  Success!

Now that we've worked up an appetite, we eagerly change into our fanciest pants and head over to the DuPont Lodge.  The lodge, rustic in every sense.  Grand staircase adorned with stone and wrought iron, fireplaces that are only dwarved by the scenery behind , surrounded by great pine trees, accompanied by the soft rushing waters calming the chatter.  The dining room, much resembled a 1960s VFW Hall. Um..maybe it still is... but hey they have water on tap!

Day 2! Onto the Beach!  Through the hills, over the rocks, down the Moon Bow Trail, 3 miles deep - we fear we have passed the beach.  Detour! Down the mountain we go, onto the rocks, treacherously making our way across.  The sand and the falls soon came to our sight, and then we found the stairs. If one ever had a more appropriate time to perform a face palm action.  

We swam in the water that was so clear and warm as a bathtub.  Looking around, it doesn't look like real life.  You feel like you're in a dream.  Sun shines on your face and you have to squint slightly to be able to really see everything.  White fluffy clouds slowly move across the sky, warm breeze on the face, minnows nibbling on your toes, and you have to dance with the current to keep your footing.   So much lush green everywhere.  The rocks surround the swimming hole and just to the west, the horizon meets at the Great Cumberland Fall, a misty fog with rainbows finds the eyes.  Just incredible.  

And then, we decided to hike back, barbeque and read a few good books out.  We found some groceries at the local Dollar General, which was about a 30 minute ride.  Again, one way in,one way out.  Next thing you know we had lit the coals on the grill, sun has just set and the lightening bugs light up the picnic table.  Getting up to put the hot dogs on, out of the corner of my eye, a stick was moving.

No.  This was not a dancing stick.  Dan and Emily found themselves right smack dab in the middle of the danger zone.  Emily stopped in her tracks.  Dan reassuring her and providing instructions to be calm.  This little guy just would not leave us alone, kept coming closer. 

Emily very adamantly wanted the snake to leave.  He did not.  Emily grabbed the hotdogs off the grill and scurried away. The stare down lasted about 20 solid minutes.  Finally Dan and Em slowly made their way to the door of the cabin.   

The snake, who Dan aptly named "Copper", and Emily who had never been this up close to one of those slithery little creatures. 

We continued to be paranoid and continued to see if he was still out there.  He was.  Copper left by morning , or so it would seem. 

Next adventure was to the KFC museum, drove all the way to Corbin Kentucky to see the Colonel, the only place open was Hardees' Drive through, we didn't even get to eat KFC in Kentucky.  Pffft.  Upon our arrival to the address of record, we could only find a drive thru and a heavily fenced and other dilapidated buildings.  Lots of dust.  No chicken.

But at the end of the day, the good outweighed the bad and we laughed about the misadventures and smiled about the beauty and peace all around.

And so that is this weeks MisAdventures of MidWest Coast!

-Dan and Emily


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