Album Art

As much fun it is to make your own album art, I have just as much fun making yours! By listening and getting a feel for the sound or a description of a vision I enjoy developing the image that people will see when your song or album is on display.

With the use of font, colors, and imagery that represents your music and brand identity the artwork comes to life. 

MidWest Coast, Nashville Americana Act, gets naked with stripped down versions of classic songs they covered in an ongoing release. We opted for a bathtub photo shoot and developed a cover!

Alternative artist William Inman from the east coast wrote a song about heading for the hills, a simple message with an open road vibe.

The life of a blues man, solo, wandering, a picture of the blues. This photo was taken by the artists wife, on the Road To Nowhere in North Carolina. Emily took that photo posterized it and now we have the introduction to Budzo Blues.

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