About The Author, Emily Evans


About The Author

Introducing Emily Evans

I like that headline, "About The Author"!  I proudly claim that title today.  I'd like to introduce myself, Hi, I'm Emily.  I have held many titles in my thirty some years.  I've been a dental assistant, a voiceover artist, a singer, a critical care nurse, a songwriter, and adventurer.  I was born in the heart of the midwest, the one and only, Brew City, Milwaukee sometime in the 1980s.  I'm very much of the curious, sentimental, and nostalgic type.

"You can make anything by writing." -C.S. Lewis

My mom always told us we could be whatever we wanted to be when we grew up.  I stopped growing in height around age 12.  As for being an adult, well I'm not exactly sure what I want to be when I grow up.  I decided to take up writing after the loss of my mother, I was immediately inspired to pick the pen after reading a memoir she wrote.

I write to you all today to share the beauty of the struggle.  We live in an imperfect world.  We are all students of the universe treading the waters of life. By recognizing the little things, celebrating the simple, striving for happiness we are able to lead happier lives.  I celebrate music as a singer, a songwriter and passionate enthusiast. It is my intention to share hard learned lessons along with laughs, maybe the occasional recipe or DIY project, maybe some song lyrics...

I'm making a book, because I want to be an author.  C.S. Lewis said it, I'm going to do it. Why not go for it- make anything- because you can.

Mr And Mrs Evans
I'm presently working on my happily ever after since I married my soul mate Dan in 2020.   We settled down just outside of Nashville.  We even have our own Americana band.  

What do you have to look forward to as you keep on reading? Let me tell you, the way I would describe the articles I plan on presenting should satisfy you like a good trip to Target.  Once you get to Target - you see all the things you didn't know you needed. 

Now I will wish you a Happy Saturday, because it's Saturday. 
- emily evans 

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